Nabapravat Group of Institution :: Hostel Rules & Regulations

Hostel Rules & Regulations

Disciplinary action shall be taken against students violating Hostel Rules and Regulations.

1. It should be clearly understood by all residents that no tenancy shall be created by their occupation or use of hostel premises and property and that each of them is merely permitted by management under the rules and regulations formed by management. Which can be changed altered, modified, varied wholly or partly and can be replaced by management at their discretion and without assigning any reason for same. Upon such revocation the resident shall not be entitled to stay and /or enter the hostel/college or any part or portion thereof. If she/he does not leave she/he shall be liable to be forcible removed.

2. The management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of the student for any will disobedience or defiance of authority, Non observance or frequent violation of hosted rules causing damage to person or property or in antinational or undesirable activities .In such cases the deposit shall be forfeited and fees will not be refunded.

3. A student shall not change/inter-change his/her room with another student or shift into a vacant room without the written permission of Administrator..

4. Student residing in the hostel will be staying at their own risk, liability and consequences.

5. Hostel authorities will not responsible for any loss of money, jewellery or personal belongings of any students.

6. If any common property is damaged or lost the same shall be charged in equal shares to the students who are common use at that property. Students shall not drive any pegs or nails into walls or stick posters on walls windows and doors.

7. Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking is strictly prohibited .An occurrence at such behaviour shall invite strict disciplinary action leading to restriction from the college.

8. Strict silence shall be observed in hostel ,care should be taken at all times to ensure that music/loud talking is not audible outside the room .Any manners of festivities and noise making/celebration will not be entertained.

9. The students should be decently dressed when they are out of rooms. Half pant (Barmunda&Onethird) for boys,(Tight body hugging cloths , short tops )for girls are forbidden outside the room.

10. No electric appliances shall be permitted in the room while leaving the room students should take care to put off the lights and fans without fail. In case of default a fine will be charged in every such occasion.

11. Attendance will be taken by the Hostel superintendent warden before 10.30 p.m every night ,hostility has to sign the attendance register everyday between 10.00 p.m to 10.30 p.m .After that the student is not allowed to go out of the hostel. Going out of hostel will lead to fine.

12. Student shall keep their room, verandas and surrounding areas tidy, need and clean at all times &07.00p.m. to 10.00 p.m. (every day) is the study hour for all the residing students

13. The student shall be back in the Hostel for attendance before 10.30p.mevery day.

14. Students shall take permission at the superintendent for celebrating any festivals and Birthdays. These should be held for one to two hours between 8.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m. There should not be any kind of physical discomfort.

15. The students shall pay full mess fee in time i.e. first week or before 10th day of every month in college office and must be taken money receipt otherwise they will lead to fine Rs.10/- per day and their meal will be stop.

16. The management has the right to discontinue Hostel accommodation given to a student on account of misconduct or violation of rules and regulation.