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Founder Message

Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another. It brings success in a changing world and also is the door to the future. Year’s ago when I thought about society, I perceived that the best way to advance society is by fostering education. It was at that moment the dream & vision of “Nabaprvat Institution” initiative was conceived. Nabapravat intends to all dimension of education in the area of science and technology. So it is proud for us, these program designed by this organisation in rural area and proud moment for us to see the students pursuing higher education at Nabapravat and equipping themselves for successful career.

Therefore our focus is to achieve unparalleled excellence in rural area and that will bring development to our society & mankind by optimizing their potential. Our aim is to create and imbibe the knowledge that the needs of students coming from different areas and offers wide range of educational programme in the field of computer science, Business management, medical science & technical where you should fulfil your ambition.

Convey my best wishes for a faithful academic year and also wishing the students good luck.

Managobinda PandaChairman-cum-Secretary